When should I text/call him?

My ex and I dated for about 3 months, and we broke up back in january and we agreed to be friends. He told me to take as much time as I needed, that he "wasn't going anywhere". We had a little space and met up in feb and we were chill.

Then he drops out of sight for about 2 months and I figured he just didn't want to talk to me. So then I randomly get a myspace message on monday asking what was up and apologizing for dropping out of sight explaining that there has been some major drama and that his phone had been shut off for the past 2 months. He gave me his new number saying to "feel free to call or text whenever" and gave me his new number.

The next night he randomly messaged me saying "hello online kelly" so exchanged some dorky messages back to e/o. So on friday I texted him to give him my number and he said "cool thanks"

What is everyone's opinion on this? When should I text him next? IM just unsure because I've never tried to be friends with an ex.

we were friends before, and knew each other about a year.
I texted him a "hey what's up" and he responded with "I just got out of the shower. I'm totally naked" I made some joke about streaking and we played off that a few times.

Im just curious as to why he added the "im totally naked" part


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  • heres the thing about exes... the relationship is super complicated if you guys were never friends before.. and if there's feelings involved or jealousy. if none of this is the case then okay be friends with him just don't suffocate him he might think your tryin to get back with him if you text him all the time.. don't over think it just think of him as any other friend. so talk to him the same way or the same amount of time.


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  • sounds like things are fine between you two! You be able to text whenever you want, but not too much though


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  • mayb his trying to mess with you.. yo kno flirt a little get back into the comfortable level you guys had as friends.

    • Yeah that could be it. Its hard to figure out if he really is just joking, or if he is flirting. Then agin, we may end up having a flirtatious friendship that doesn't necessarily turn back into a relaitonship. Its good to know that he does wan to talk to me though.

  • if you are sure ur over him then text him. but if ur not don't because ur going to hurt ur self even more...