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My best friend, lets say his name is Mark. Mark kissed me (like a quick peck on the lips) (*and that was my 1st kiss, he knew it was too and that was also his 1st kiss) just as I was about to go down the bus. I accidentally slapped him playfully on his face. Since then he's been gazing into my eyes and says that he'll kiss me again. But then he's flirty, he flirts with other girls which makes me so irritated and jealous.


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  • you like him he likes you and he's trying to see if he can get you jelous wich he has officially succeeded my advice ask him to be your boyfriend that way he won't be allowed to flirt with other girls and you both will be with one another


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  • Then his plan must be working, guys like the chase they like going after girls that don't want them right away cause then your 'easy'. So if your jealous then it's working and he wants you and you want him. If he is flirting with other girls wouldn't you think he would have kissed those other girls as hi first kiss? He chose you :)