What happens on a movie date?

Will most girls let you put your hand over their shoulder during a movie on the first date? And should you ask before you do it?


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  • I've never been on a movie date, but my friends have. If she's willing to go on a date with you, then she likes you. One way is by yawning and raising your hands and slowly lower your arm and put it around her.

  • If she's on a date with you, she probably likes you, so she probably does want you to put your arm around her. I like it when a guy is cheesy, so you could try something like my personal favorite: ask her is she likes fishing and say "one time, I caught a fish thhiiiss big! " stretch your arms out to show her how big, then keep your arm around her. It may sound corny. But it's really sweet and romantic. I would love it if the guy I like would do that to me.


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