Why does he text me if he barely says anything?

So me and this started talking, I text a lot more than talk because I'm usually busy. Anyways I realized he was really boring to talk to so I stopped texting him. After a week or so, he messages me saying hey or whatever. I responded happily and ask how things are and all he says is "I'm good", like say so,ething else. He doesn't know how to communicate over text. Like is he just not interested, it's really annoying.


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  • Them first world problems got your panties in a bunch huh?

    What exactly did you want to tell us other than you found someone who sucks at conversation?

    • I don't understand why people comment but it don't answer the question. Did my question annoy you and get your panties in a bunch?

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    • Heh. A given I guess.

    • Yeah lol


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  • I fucking hate texting some chick I have barely spoken to, compared to face to face or on the phone..

    Just so less personal and interesting in general.

  • Because guys don't really need to elaborate on every little thing. If he says he's good, he's good, end of story.


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  • So don't talk to him? I have a friend who's like that. He is just shy, because he is also quiet in person. I don't know why it should annoy you, you can't honestly expect everyone to have a huge story to tell. If you don't wanna text him, don't. It's not an issue.

    • He stopped but he just decided to text me. yeah I guess I won't respond than