Bf has secret fb account & question on Skype.

I recently searched for my boyfriend on fb by using his email address & discovered he has a fb account set up under another name using that email address. Of course when I confronted him, he didn't know how that could have happened. I asked him did he not get emails regarding the acct & he said yes ones saying that he hadn't been on in a while. We have been dating for 3 years & the account was opened 2 years before we started dating. Something is very suspicious about all of this. Also, if you have a contact on Skype, don't you have to approve them first?


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  • A minor counter-point, if such it be.

    I have an e-mail address that has been used by others when they sign up, probably in error. I got my Facebook that way, thanks to a lady who was in another State. I get notices that my data usage is too high from a Georgia phone company. I get New England AAA messages. The list is rather extensive. Some I can delete, others I've not been able to shake loose.

    So, merely having one's e-mail address linked to an account is not all that onerous. That said, it does bear investigation and evaluation.


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  • When you approve them the white icon with a question mark goes away., still green outlines mean offline.

  • It does seem very suspicious. Since his email is the owner of the account you should ask if he can recover the account in order to see what's on it. If he changes the subject quickly or stalls, then something could be up. You definitely have the right to know who you are dating even if he has a strange alter ego account set up

    • Wish I had confronted him in person rather than on the phone.

  • ex did the same thing to me once. it was a secret account where she was sending dirty pics to her ex. I hacked into it to figure it out.

    • So sad that people just can't be honest & trustworthy any more.

    • i know right. This ex was special. Probably the worst person in the world in terms of things she did to me

    • I'm sorry. This guy has done a number on me as well. It will take years to heal from it.

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