Where are some good places to meet guys?

Please don't say online line dating. I don't want to do that ever again.


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  • Sign up for a class in something you're interested in. Chances are there will be some guys in it, and you already have something in common. I met the most recent girl I'm dating in a ballroom dancing class. Also try volunteering maybe for a charity run or bike race or triathlon. Ton of guys at those things. Try not to pick a class that's to girly or you might not end up with any guys to meet. Try cooking, or grilling, or dancing. I wouldn't choose flower arrangement or anything like that.

    good luck


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  • It all sort of depends on whether or not you live an active, fast paced life or not & how close to a big city you are.

    Finding Men:

    In the event you live near a big city, the options are endless. Men in big cities meet women at work, bars, ballgames, concerts, libraries, grocery stores, staged singles only outings you name it...

    In the event that you live in a small town, you should network and let people know that you're single and looking. Keep your options open!

    No matter what, it's important to avoid being preoccupied with your phone. Put the damn phone down and participate! Life is happening all around you! Dive in!

    You also may want to think about using a "wing-woman". That way a pair of men may be inclined to approach you and it'll make the initial encounter a bit less intense.

  • Really anywhere. What type of guy are you looking for exactly? If you are attracted to athletic guys perhaps a gym or a sporting event. If you like nerdier kind of guys lol, hang out at librarys or join a club.

  • I agree, I can't stand online dating. You can meet guys pretty much anywhere except for bars and clubs. I try to talk to girls at the gym, the grocery store, while standing in line... I could be doing more though because I'm STILL single!

  • Dorms.

  • Right here :)

  • At the bank. That's where all the money is lol.


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  • Anywhere!

    You make the environment...the environment doesn't make you.

    You should try to approach men upon daily routines (a lot of guys will find this flattering,

    and half the time wish a lot women would take this step).

    -Grocery stores

    -While walking down the street





    -Mall etc.

    You just have to step out of your shell.

    If you fell uncomfortable with approaching men then show them that you are approachable.

    Smile, wave, be friendly, talkative :).

    This will show them that you are very welcoming and inviting.

    And they may want to carry on a conversation with you, and who knows

    maybe even ask for your number.

  • Bar ,church, school, job, park, supermarket, checking events in newspapers or online in your area, through friends, the gym, on vacation, airplane, parties, workshops (acting, painting, writing, tons of different classes you can look up), art exhibits, book clubs, blood drive, rock climbing center, wine tasting, running club, community service, at another person's wedding, dance class, laundromats, jury duty, ski resorts, reality shows (loool), walking a dog, stores, museums, casinos, concerts, at a club, beach, bookstore, the list goes on and on.

  • Why didn't online dating work for you? Was it too impersonal or just difficult? I have a friend who's trying it and he says it's really hard to get girls to actually have conversations or commit.

    Try going to places that relate to your interests. The gym, libraries or book stores, cooking classes, movie theatres, sports games, concerts, etc.

    • Online dating is too impersonal, it's also hard to get guys to communicate like your friend says and sometimes distance can be a major problem. I did meet an amazing guy through one though. we had a relationship for year but the distance became too much and he just wasn't mature enough to have a serious relationship with. I think online dating does work but I'd rather met someone the old fashion way.

  • Libraries

    Coffee shops