I'm on a dating site. I want to know what to say to meet girls who would date and pay for the date.

I once meet a girl who told me she was looking to meet a guy and pay for everything since she owned a business. I am poor and I can't afford nothing. I would like to get an oil job. And take care of my future this way. Maybe start my own business. But as of now I am very poor. What should I say in my profile?


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  • That you appreciate women who aren't afraid to defy the norms and pay for themselves. Unless you want her to pay for your stuff too, then maybe dating shouldn't be something you're focusing on.

  • Get off of a dating site if you cannot afford to go on dates. Pretty simple. Unless you are Brad Pitt, ain't no women paying your way all the time. Man up and don't date until you can afford to.


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