Why do guys text lol a lot?

ok my boyfriend is really annoying and I have noticed this with other guys too they will say lol even when there is nothing funny being said its so annoying. don't tell me it is a filler Because my boyfriend texts me long paragraphs and he says lol like 5 times. why do guys do this, are they retarded? for example

him: I'm eating a chilidog. it is so good lol

i don't understand. help me understand


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well its good to see you calling your boyfriend and all guys retarded, but beyond that, it's because you can't put emotion through text. If he just said I'm eating a chilidog. It is so good. It sounds bland and you'll be like why the fuck are you telling me about the chilidog. If he says the same thing and adds lol it makes it sound like he's saying that with a smile and hence trying to be friendly as opposed to sharing a boring fact.