How much is too much/not enough communication in the beginning?

Let's say you just met/started talking to(online or in person) a girl yesterday. How much and when do you text/call/communicate in the beginning? Texts? Call(s)? I mean beginning as in the first few weeks.

I know there's no real straight forward 100% answer, but after you first start talking to a girl, how much is too much contact (thinking I'm desperate) and how much is not enough? (thinking I'm not interested)

I haven't met anyone, I'm asking for future knowledge so maybe I can get somewhere with someone. =\


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  • Maybe a couple of exchanges everyday or every other day. The thing that annoys me personally is when guys can't stop messaging me in the beginning. Then the frequency drops when they feel like they have my attention.

    I like to keep a steady pace and I hate nonstop messages from guys.


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  • I'd love to know the answer to this myself. There really isn't a correct answer everyone is different. I feel if your really into each other you'll text about every few days, but some people like space/are busy so I try to contact someone maybe every 5 days. Don't text/call every day I feel that is more when your actually in a relationship. Online dating is hard supposedly you need to meet up with the person within the first 2 weeks. And if you are feeling each other you'll want to meet up I guess every so often I dont' know though! I ahven't reached that level myself really. :(

    • Yeah it's crazy. You have to follow like all of these rules of silliness when you could be putting that time and effort in to getting to know the person and hanging out.

  • i also want to know the official guidelines. I remember times when I gave my number to a really cute boy and he texted me within a few hours and I would reply several hours to a few days later. he seemed to really like the chase or something because when we went on a date later that weekmhe told me that my delayed replies had been driving him crazy wondering why I wasn't replying like, was I busy with my boyfriend, husband or multiple lovers or was I just not that interested in him, etc.

  • Oh wow, well the guys I've talked to contacted me daily and we'd talk throughout the whole day lol that's a bit much though.. Maybe a few times every other day is the norm? Idk


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  • I never worry about that. But to each his own.

    Well if you are blowing her phone up, and calling her every minute, even when she is shitting fairy dust, there might be a slight problem. Just a