Made out with guy at my place while I'm not this bad?

So I ended up making out with a guy at my place but we're not dating. I guess we kinda know each other. I'm 22...I usually don't do this unless I'm in a relationship... he wants to "hang out" again but I don't want to seem like that type of girl. I'd rather he ask me out and we date if we are going to continue to do this but now is it like he sees me just as something fun to do? I want a relationship, not a friends with benefits situation. What should I do?


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  • first of all NO it was not a bad thing you did .. it was fun at the moment right? so if you enjoyed yourself then no it was not bad just because your not dateing him . on the other hand he probably is going to be someone who would be hard to start up a real dating relationship with now .. why well cause he prob really liked the make out session and now more is on his mind and now ever time he hangs out with you he will prob want to do the same .. I mean you can give him a chance if you want .. maybe you will get lucky and he be one of the few guys who don't think that way but I doubt it . I don't think he would think less of you now its not that its just that you got him all hot with kisses and now he will probably want more FUN TIME .. I would just be honest with him .. tell him you like him but that you felt kind of bad for making out since your not dateing him tell him your looking for more then that and see what he has to say about it .If he is really into you he will date you like you want and if he was just wanting fun time then he won't .. it was just kissing at least you didn't sleep with him yet .. if so then that would have been diff.. not a bad thing either but he wouldn't have took you serious after that .

    • so how would I go about telling him this? Do I need to ask him to come over to my place again? But I don't want to scare him by saying that we need to talk or something.

    • yeah your right about that .. about not wanting to scare him off by telling him you need to talk to him cause that's what will happen it will push him away for sure .. if I was you I really wouldn't even bring it up right now .. I mean you don't really know what his intentions are just yet . wait till if he is alone with you again and if he tries to do anything then tell him how you feel. till then try to get a date with him ask him out if he is in it just for fun you will be able to tell


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  • Look. Everything doesn't fit into a perfect template. Life isn't like that. Usually is not a good word to use any more. Hang out means he would like to be with you and get to know you. Try saying that. Hanging out sounds vulgar. Just tell him no you don't want him in your house and you're not going to his house to boink you just want to have a dinner where he buys and movie where he doesn't grope you. Slow down. Shit almighty.

  • no it's not, and just tell him that if you're going to keep going, you want something more serious

    • how can I do that? Do I just tell him to come over again? And tell him in person? How do I not make this awkward? Also, would he think less of me beacuse I let him make out with me while we are not in a relationship? Thanks for the help!

    • late but its only awkward if you make it awkward, and I doubt he a lot of people have made out with someone before dating them

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