Dating a divorced man who keeps me a secret?

I'm dating a man who is divorced (9 months divorced). His x wife is having issues with the fact that he is dating someone. I made him some Christmas cookies and his x wife had some while picking up his daughter for the weekend. She complimented him on how good they were and he went along with it(when I'm fact I was the one who made them). He told me that she thought they were good but he also said how he couldn't tell her that I made them because of the difficulty she was having with him dating. I feel like he is hiding me but he has told me that he isn't (he just doesn't want her to feel upset). The kicker is that she is the one that wanted the divorce but she is the one now having issues with him dating. How do I get this feeling out of me that he isn't proud to be with me?


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  • I really don't see any reason for him to bring you up in that situation. They were just cookies, and it definitely would've seemed like he was rubbing it in for him to bring that up. Besides, women aren't that dumb. She probably knew it wasn't him that made them and was trying to get it out of him.

    I don't even see that instance as keeping you a secret. Now if he's lying about you to other people about more serious issues, or even to her when it's more necessary to bring you up, then I'll agree. But, omitting the fact that you made cookies doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me. Even the fact that he told you about the incident tells me that he's not trying to hide anything.


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  • All of that is b.s. to me. If she is his X wife, then who cares if she knows. Shouldn't she be dating someone else if she went through with the divorce. I am not sure if I truly believe that he is really divorced. And, yes he is hiding you.

  • Trust me I'm going through a similar situation.

    And its not that's he's ashamed...she possibly could make his life a living hell. My husband wanted a divorce, and I that things are in the making, he's having a hard time with going out, and being happy else where..he makes my life miserable. I guess it's because they haven't found any one yet.