Complete d bag but I still like him?

I met this guys a few months ago who is kind of a douche and I knew he was a player when we started talking...I kinda liked him and we ended up "hooking up" and he told me he actually liked me and hadn't felt that way about a girl in a while. Well we spent a few days together just hanging out and one day I saw a message he sent to a guy friend saying his down under was sore from all the girls he's been with "LOL" and I got so mad and left. He then got mad at me and said I had no right to be mad because he didn't know how much he was going to like me and no control over the fact that he had slept with those girls earlier that week. I basically ignored him for a few months and he just texted me yesterday asking if we could be friends and get to know each other more without any sex, if I would give him that chance. I said okay and we are gonna go see a movie Friday. I know he is probably sleeping with a bunch of girls still and I don't know if he will stop for me eventually like he claims he would have. Should I even go on that "date" this Friday?


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  • Based off personal experience from dating a player my advice is to RUN.

    1. You can NOT change them. Whether you think the problem is something YOU gotta be doing wrong or HE said he's sorry ...u can't change em.

    2. Ur NOT special. He's a player. He makes each girl feel special.

    3. They lie like crazy & their emotionally abusive.

    This is just my advice but I'm no stranger to players whatsoever. Save yourself the heartbreak & ditch the player. You won't regret it. Yes they can be tempting, smooth, charismatic & sometimes its hard to say no to them especially once you start liking them (oh boy) but just be smart and take OFF! Lol


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  • I wonder how many girls he's told that same "I feel different about you" story to...

    • Yup. He's a player. You already know he has used the same lines on different girls.

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  • You need to cut your losses, and find a new guy.

  • I don't think it would hurt, but make sure you make it very clear that you're JUST going to hang out. Don't fool around with him again until (or if) it's exclusive.