Payback or immaturity?

My recent ex has been texting me about the dates he has been on and telling me how hot and wonderful they are and got sick of it so, when he called me about his date tonight, I told him that I didn't have time to talk because I had a date of my own with a really hot guy I just met. Of course there is no such guy, but regardless he said, "oh well have a nice time then." He called and texted throughout the night, telling me details of his date and prying into mine. I didn't answer him, he kept bothering. So, I finally picked up an he said, "oh well you took to long, now I'm going to bed." Was this cruel of me to do or did he deserve it?


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  • No fair play and good move, and to be honest, he is being really immature and over sensitive towards you, so your best bet now is to have no contact, this will really screw him up, because he has no date, who text their ex when on a date? no one, so make him think you have another guy by having zero contact with him, and just enjoy his text to you, because they will become funny,x

    • You're absolutely right! I'm sure his texts will come as a great laugh, some of the ones he sent inquiring about my date, amused me.

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    • :-) thank you, you made me smile and feel better.

    • That's nice to know, I am pleased I could help, take care,x


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  • What a douche. Block him and his #. You are both immature.

  • Yeah OK your ex is what we in the game like to call a douche bag, I would just cut all communications with this guy cause he is an asshole. You were in no way in the wrong here.

    • Thank you, I need a good smile. :-)

    • Personally I'd look up some pandas because I mean cmon who doesn't smile when they see a panda

  • Are you kidding me? You guys are just getting each other jealou purposely. HOW OLD ARE YOU?! LIKE FUCKIN 10?!

    Hes fucking around with you, and your dumb for even replying to him. This just shows that he's a dumbass and you are too. Sorry to say, but your dumb.

    Just forget him, you honestly think this is gonna fix if you keep talking to him?

    Hes wasting your time purposefully, and your allowing him too. And your letting him get the better of you.

    Grow up and be a woman. Geez.

    • Yeah well, I may be a dumbass, but when you've been in a hospital bed 3 and a half months and your phone rings every three seconds from your ex that keeps belittling you by text message, it gets to the. point where you snap. So, yeah I did something immature and stupid, but at the end of the day he can swallow some of the crow he has been giving me.

    • I guess, but I don't think your even bugging him with your little game back to him. More so, just entertaining him. And its actually you that its getting at.

      How about you be a woman, and just cut him off one time?

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  • yes he deserved it, don't feel bad... Play the same little game he is.. He was just jealous, and guys hate when you ignore them and don't care.

    • I feel better thank you. :-)

  • Just blow this guy off and move on with your life.

  • I think yu both need to grow up