How long would you date without more than making out, light petting, with someone you really like?

they are OK with you seeing other people, if you want, but you may not want to because you really like them,


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  • Tehre aren't rules about this. Some people aren't OK with premarital sex, even in these days, so even light making out might not be OK with them.

    Other people are ready to go even before you've ever spent time takes all kinds...

    Its up to you what your decide your standards are for sexual behavior without commitment.

    • i know its up to me ;) I was asking you how long you think you could wait:)

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    • seems to be the general consensus lol. ;-)

    • Best Answer, no?


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  • If I really liked them, I would wait until she was ready for more, although I might bring up the subject up now and then about taking the relationship to a new level, but I wouldn't pressure her into something she didn't want to do, x

    • thats a very considerate response, and I think its genuine. but realistically at some point I'm sure youd get frustrated, whether you wanted to or not. I mean say she's not ready and really in no rush. some people take a long time to be 'ready' and feel comfortable waiting a very long time.

      you must have some limit. I'm sure you wouldn't wait ten years, I'm not suggesting she would. just pointing out, there's got to be a limit in you somewhere :)

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    • It has been for me also, thank you,x

    • ;-)

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  • I think was a month for me and my bf