Should I date this guy? Based on this information, what would you say?

I'm fat and he is extremely fit, tall and good looking and an all round decent person but he's stupid. He's only taking 2 courses in University this year and he cheats by retaking the same courses over and over again so that he can get a higher grade in them. He also studies in groups with the smartest people to increase his chances of getting a higher mark. I want a smart guy but what is more important to me than anything else is temperment and character and he seems to have that. He hasn't asked me out yet but I think I have a good chance with him cause he's closer to me then he is with the other people in our social circe.


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  • I find that if someone isn't clever, I can't really listen to them talk much. I just get bored, annoyed, sad or angry. To me, this guy sounds like the type you have fun with and then call it quits, if you bother with the having fun at all.


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  • Fat or no fat, sounds like he will be stupid forever.

    Sounds like you are settling.

    If you are truly interested in him, ask him to help you work out and take it from there. You can loose some weight and you exchange teaching him and he can learn a little something from you.

    Good luck


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  • lol? how fat?