He kissed me and won't talk to me now?

So there was this guy and we've hung out a lot and what not and it's always seemed like there's always been something else there besides just friends, so the last time we hung out he kissed me, it was darn romantic too. I moved away a few days after that and I've been gone about a month and I've only talked to him once since then and it was a stupid/meaningless convo. So is it safe to say he's not interested or is there a chance he did like me he just doesn't want the long distance thing, Thanks!


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  • Seems like he only did it because he knew you were moving away (even if you never told him, he probably sensed it). And wanted to make sure that was the last thing that happened before you left. If you really want to be with him (romantically), he'll make it happen.

  • I think he might enjoy a long distance relationship


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