Is she suddenly not interested anymore?

So me and this girl just recently started texting each other, she's the one who gave me her number. We would text for a little bit and the conversation is going well as we're getting to know each other a little more, then out of no where she just stops texting back. She says she about to go out to eat and ask did I have a good day, which was the last text she sent. I don't stress or anything because she did mention she was going out, maybe she'll text me when she's back home or the next day. I didn't wanna come off as some clingy obsessed dude, so I text her back the following day (today). Again, everything is cool, then she stops texting again.

So now I'm just confused, she's very engaging in our conversations so it isn't one sided at all. If it wasn't the case and she sent very short replies, then yeah I'd just take the hint that she doesn't want to text anymore, no problem. Should I bring it up in a subtle way or just try and see if this continues?


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  • Youngsters these days, I tell you.

    Do you not think of her more when she abruptly disengages in texting with you? Yes, correct? That's her goal; she wants you to anticipate talking to/texting her again. She also wants to keep you guessing about her interest in you.

    Dude, her intentions are not to be rude to you. She wants you to pursue her; she wants to be a challenge to you.

    If you don't want to play the game, tell her. However, if you joy the pursuit, as I do, then buckle up and catch this chick.

    • Thanks for your insight, I think I know what I need to do now.


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  • These things happen. People lost interest

    • Yeah I suppose you're right, it's just crazy because we just literally started texting then this happens.

  • I would try again.

    • Do you suggest I text her back later this evening or just wait again the next day?

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  • I'd try to take the initiative here and ask her about it