Are we boyfriend and girlfriend yet?

My crush told me that she likes me back and we do couple things, like we were cuddling and I asked her Truth or Dare. She said truth so I asked "What would you do if I kissed you?" She responded with "I'd kiss you back?" she said it as if it was obvious. Then I asked "But do you want me to?" and with that she leaned in and she started kissing me, it lasted about 7 seconds. The other thing is we gave each other back massages and she told me to take off my shirt so she could give a better massage. Then when I gave her one, she took off her shirt as well. She had a bra on though, then we started to cuddle. Do you think that we are boyfriend and girlfriend yet? Or should I say something like "So are we boyfriend and girlfriend yet?"


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  • Well I'm mean being Boyfriend & Girlfriend starts off by asking if you want to be. So ask her out, you two seem to like each other so why not.

    You can't just be boyfriend and girlfriend because you like each other unless you guys give yourself those titles.

    Good luck :)


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  • You should ask, "Would you like to be my girlfriend, because I really like you."

    And she also sounds a little skanky, man..

    Y'all are kids and she is taking her clothes off for a massage. She is taking them off to seduce and for attention and attraction. And y'all aren't even a couple yet.

  • Just ask her

  • Yeah ask her


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