Do I still love him?

My ex and I broke up in early November. He was my first for everything but he has always had girls around him, and him moving to another univeristy didn't help. Well we broke up earlier in the year and this guy stepped in made me feel better, well I got back with my ex and it didn't workout so he stepped in again and we started dating about 2 weeks after my ex and I broke up. My ex is a college athlete with a real bright future, and this guy just turned 20 (I'm about to be 22) he just got off probation, and is working a no where job, but he is the sweetest guy ever. Well I really do like the way he treats me and I usually brag about him on social networking sites, but I'm not for sure if I'm over my ex. He was so much like me and like I said he was my first for everything. We dated 2 and 1/2 years. The guy is nice and he is cute, but when I see something that reminds me of my ex it start to reminisces a little bit. I deleted my ex off of everything and even deleted my Facebook, and Twitter. Am I over my ex, do I really like this guy? I'm really confused. Any input would be great.


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  • Well it's perfectly normal for you to still be thinking of your ex, even if you're over him. The fact is he was a very important part of your life, and he always will be, so every relationship you'll have will be in the context of your relationship with him.

    If you want to know if you really like this guy, just ask yourself if you want to be with him.


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  • Clearly you do like this new guy but you acknowledge his faults. Also, since your ex was your first love (and first for everything) it's easy for you to still have feelings for him. This is norma and many people will always have a special place in their hearts for their first love. It would be best for you to get over him so that you can fully give yourself to new relationships though. It's not fair to a new guy you date (even if it isn't this guy you're currently seeing) for you to still be thinking of your ex in that way though. I think you still need time for yourself to fully heal from the relationship with your first boyfriend.

    Remember, it's okay to miss him and the relationship; that's normal. But there's a difference in missing those things and being over what happened. You just need to come to terms with it.