Boyfriend checking out other girls on OUR date?

We have been dating for two and a half years. I don't expect him to NOT check out people. Hell, if I see a hot guy I look. Half the time when we are grocery shopping I'll even point out hot women. But we were on a date, we hadn't had sex in a few weeks cause we are so busy lately, and he was... Show More

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  • Weren't you saying he got upset because you offended him by saying something in front of his friend last week? I wonder if he has a tendency to get angry fairly often which isn't uncommon especially in young males since society teaches them this. My opinion is what he did was pretty inconsiderate and I'm surprised he isn't apologizing to you.

    If he doesn't know he hurt you by looking at other women of course tell him. I'd be surprised if he doesn't know but try at least.

    You tell him that you're not okay with him doing it on dates.

    The last question is hard. You could tell him you would like it, but he's probably not appreciating you or he could be bored in the relationship.

    And being busy is not an excuse for not having sex for a few weeks imo. Was he in another state? If not, I think that's a bad sign.

    • Yup. That was us.

      He is three hours away for work and he comes back on the weekends. I close at work every night. So we really are exhausted and just aren't feeling it.