Not sure what to think of his intentions?

Okay I was a raped victim in October as you see it hasn't been a long time since. I honestly was NOT expecting to like a guy or seek a relationship. Well weeks ago I started talking to this (guy) and we instantly started Skyping and texting a lot communication was strong. We have so much in common race, horoscope sign, intelligence, age so much more. Well we would Skype til he fell asleep and he would always send me random cute corny pictures of him or his pets. Or ask me to send some to him just for him to have nothing bad though. I know we connected on all levels it was pretty obvious. Now at the start of talking I was like upfront where I stood he was very understanding was aware of what happened and quoted "well let's just go with the flow if a relationship happens it happens" Well he knows how he can make me laugh which isn't easy and I told him how I don't want to engage in any partying or getting drunk no time soon as the rape happened at a party he was understanding. This guy was already planning future plans he wanted to take me to a concert and talked about how he wants to take me to dinner and movie or something when hanging. We live one hour away from each By the way. and also looking back at a text he sent this text saying "I can be shy too but I like you <3" I didn't think much at time and was scared cause I am like fuck what if he likes me should I admit too or wait" not easy for me because of what happened. so I was blunt with my answer like aww sweet bla bla. well he told me last week we can hang he has been eager well he never came around and he wasn't texting much. that weekend I texted saying 'hey when we hanging out (:" he took hours but not what made me mad what he said. he replies and say's "do you wanna go to a party?" I told him no :/ he never texted. been a week he hasn't been texting... he likes some pictures and statues here and there. He doesn't really use his instagram or Facebook but it seems he has been busy too with friends (he is on winterbreak college) I just don't know what to think. because I don't deserve this right now you know? Him being so understanding and saying all this stuff and that text then to kinda start acting this way baffles me. what is going on?

I JUST GAVE IN AND DECIDED TO TEXT. I said "Hey!" he said 'Hey good morning :)" sooooo


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  • everything seemed great to me going up to the point of that text ...i would have no idea why he would specifically ask if you would want to go to a party if you ALSO specifically told him you didn't want to go to parties and about what had happened to you. it seems like a complete 180 degree turn. I can only imagine him saying that as a joke, but that's a pretty unfunny joke to make. I guess he could also have been trying to be intentionally mean, but that doesn't make sense much either with how friendly he was before.

    sorry girl, I know you're looking for an answer but I'm pretty confused as well. I think you should break off contact with him until he messages you, and then eventually try to ask him casually why he asked you to go to a party. if he doesn't message you, then I think something else was going on.

    i wish you the best of luck <3


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  • I'm not sure if he is losing interest because you didn't show a lot during the end of it. But honestly if the spark is there you should let him strike when the going is hot. You can ask him in more detail about really hanging out outside of a party.

    • He knows I don't want to engage in partying because of fear. So I don't know why he asked unless he felt I would have a change of mind or really cares about me really would care for my saftey was hoping I said yes. But I don't want to confront him on feeling's because we have yet to hang if we would have hungout I would have because now we have a physical connection just the right time to ask you know? I wouldn't know why he loose interest makes no sense

  • Good call, perhaps he thought you weren't interested in him or perhaps he's been busy. Wait it out, if he still likes you he should text back.


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  • Another person comes on and asks one question and leaves 20 minutes later.