How do I break my pattern of dating liars and cheaters?

I have dated liars and cheaters for about 10 years now and I don't understand why? Maybe I always pick the alpha male? The outgoing one? I've tried and tried but all of my ex's never fail to lie and cheat and I dump them as soon as I find out.

How do I break this pattern? What red flags do I look for early on?


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  • Don't trust them in an early phase of the relationship. The best trick is: ask many questions and if they can respond spontaneously and immediately each time, they're most probably honest. Liars tell simple stories with little detail.

    If you ask questions and continue to do it, you will take the liars mask off.

    However, the honest guy will appreciate you're so interested since he has nothing to hide!

    Hope you find the right one, you did not deserve to be treated this way!


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  • Dismiss guys who only talk about sex with you and watch them fade away. Those are the ones who strictly only want sex meaning they'll lie and claim to be in a relationship with you just for a hook up.

  • where are you picking up these guys, if its at bars and clubs I can't say I'm surprised

    • No! Friends of friends, at work and classmates. No bars/clubs!

    • if you are friends with people who are setting you up with those kinds of people, I don't know what to tell you.

      I think acka72 advice is spot on, don't give it up quickly make them earn it

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  • Dont be too desperate to start a relationship. Make the guy earn your trust, love and respect before you sleep with him. If you take your time the liars and cheaters will get bored with you and move on to the next sucker chick who wants a relationship with them. If the guy really loves you and appreciates you he will move mountains for you.

    • In all of my cases, we have started a relationship quickly and have had sex quickly. Do liars and cheaters want a relationship?

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    • Thanks, that's helpful!

    • You're welcome. Most of us have been through that.

  • go for a different type of man