Does he want a relationship or not?

I first want to warn you that when it comes to relationships I am a complete guy. I am on a full ride scholarship, I'm triple majoring so I am pretty busy. I am also extremely independent, I'm not a huge fan of giving up my freedom, I don't like being vulnerable to my feelings, and I like time to myself and not having to talk to a guy all the time. But recently I have started talking to this guy about four months ago. From the begginning, I knew that he was into me but I wasn't into him at all so I friendzoned him. He was extrememly nice guy so I decided to give him a chance. A couple of weeks ago I agreed to go on a date with him. The date was great other than he was on his phone for a little which I told him I didn't appreciate and he said that he wouldn't do it again. He called me again that night and wanted me to hang out with him the next day for his birthday but I already had plans. I ended up leaving for vacation the day after that. For the past six days I have been on vacation and I have not heard much from him other than a couple of text messages. At times I would get angry and block his number so I'm not sure if that's why I haven't received texts or calls or what. I have talked to a few of my friends about it and they think that he doesn't think that I'm interested in him because in these past four months I have probably texted him first a total of three times. Yesterday we got into a little dissagreement that I started and I apologized by saying that I was sorry and that I really liked him. He replied with don't worry about it. I just do not know what to do. At first I liked him but was acting sort of distance because I didn't know if I wanted to give up my freedom to date him. Now I think that I am willing to take that chance and he just doesn't seem like he's interested anymore. Any ideas?


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  • Make sure he's unblocked, that may have been a little over the top to block him...if you didn't want to talk to him then don't respond to him, but if he's picking you up then there's still a chance I think, in my opinion (guys may have other opinions on that). But, the moment you get a chance to talk to him alone (maybe not in the car, you should do it face to face), tell him exactly where you're at. You should tell him that you've really liked talking to him for the past 4 months and apologize if he thinks you've been distant or disinterested...make sure he understands how busy you are, but you want him in your life still. Good luck! School is a busy time, trust me I know, but if you have someone you want to keep, don't let him slip out of your fingertips.

  • He probably thinks that you are not interested in him since you have made very little effort to talk to him first. I would say take a more dominant role and let him see that you are interested. If your not willing to talk to him about it or much less ask him out then make it clear that you are asking him so that he does not have to fear that you would reject him otherwise just tell him how you felt then vs now and see what he says. Good luck!