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Gf told me she needed to be alone

My girlfriend went to a high school party and kissed some guy she used to like when she was drunk. So she told me and I acted poorly at the beginning about it when we talked I walked out on her and then went back to her house to continue the conversation about it. When I returned I asked her how she felt about it and she at the beginning said she hates the dude and doesn't know why she did it and felt bad but as we continued talking and everything she kept saying she needs to be alone and not date anyone. At the end of the night I told her she'll feel better and I'd be there for her regardless if she wants to be alone or be with me. For a while I texted her trying to see how she was doing cause she constantly wanted to be alone and after like a week after not talking I tried to go over to see her and she acted like she wasn't home so then she texted me to "get the fuck out her life and if I wanted her to be mad now I got what I wanted and to fuck off." I just don't know what to do if to take her angry text as move on or to take it as just she is angry at me.

Recently I spoke to her friend and she said my girlfriend just reallly needs space and that I was just digging.myself a bigger hole.

This party and kiss thing happened when we were on like a 3 week break and she told me this when we were trting to get back together after the break


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  • Hey bro... you are in a serious mess here.. all you need to do is to stop thinking about her for a while and try to spend time with your good friends, go out with them and spend some quality time, since I can feel that the smile part is missing somewhere from your life.

    Getting drunk in a party and kissing a guy is not right and not at all loyal, mistake are made by humans I agree, but it doesn't mean that someone get drunk and get kissed or more in future and then saying sorry, not acceptable and on top of that doing a mistake and shouting on you is a bigger mistake, either that girl is not able to understand your love, because she is still in that dream kiss thing with the other guy, or she doesn't want to be in a relation anyone and enjoy life like a free bird.

    So I would suggest to just give her time and don't go behind her, there are good girls out there who need a decent and handsome guy like you.. look around start enjoying life.


    Chill yourself up and enjoy life to the fullest, its new year coming and leave your old 2013 sorrow and sadness behind and try to enjoy the maximum, so that other should feel jealous of your happiness and do keep it touch...


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  • She's mad at you for something, obviously, and there's no much communication on her part, unfortunately. It doesn't sound like she wants to get back together. I suggest that you move on. It's rough, but you'll get through it. You'll be in better relationships in future, it's not all gloom and doom. Keep your head up and be positive. Your attitude can make or break your future relationships. Don't carry unecessary baggage from this experience.

  • give her the space she needs

  • LOL tell her to hit the road and move on


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  • She cheated on you and doesn't want to be around you. What's the question? Tell her she can have all the space she needs and drop her like a bad habit.