Not sure if she is using me or really likes me?

Well a girl and I have been dating for about a month a half. Only problem is we started dating 2 weeks after her ex which was her first love broke up (they dated about 3 years I believe). We talked before when her ex and her broke up but she went back to him. Now everything is going swell, she blocked him on everything imaginable (phone, social media, etc) and she seems emotionally unstable at times. I don't know if I'm being used to ease her pain or does she really like me? Any advice?


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  • This actually sounds kind of similar to my boyfriend and I. At the beginning of our relationship I was really messed up over my ex. I was over him, but I wasn't over the pain he caused me. My boyfriend was very patient, he was there for me, and he basically put me back together. I always made sure that he knew how much I cared for and appreciated him though and we talked about more then just me. I have a few questions though. Does she take an interest in you and the things you like? Do you guys ever talk about anything other then her or her pain? Does she ever tell you how much she likes you and reassure you? Does the relationship feel one sided? All of those could be red flags.


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  • Honestly it's probably a little bit of both. But, she probably has at least some feelings for you. You should talk to her and let her know that you really like her and just straight up ask her if she is using you to get over her ex.


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  • It could be possible something like that happen to her got to be rough on her so I think it a very likely that she just using you to ease her pain but that don't mean she don't like you.