He doesn't want to date me seriously but doesn't want me to find someone else?

I've been dating this guy for almost a year now and he's not looking for anything serious. When I first met him, I agreed. I had just gotten out of a relationship and I was looking for something fun and casual.

But now I want a real long term relationship and I've told him this. He doesn't want the same thing, which is fine. We would just have to break up and go our separate ways. Whenever I mention breaking up, he gets upset and he doesn't want to.

What does he want from me? He agrees we want different things and should go our separate ways but when it comes to actually breaking up, he doesn't want to. I don't get him


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  • You seriously need to just send a straight message to him because if he going to act like he doesn't wants to get away from you. Then he needs to start seriously showing he cares if not then tell him you want something more once again and if he won't go with. Hey tell him this is his fault that he doesn't want to further and move on. Maybe the next girl he dates he will treat better. Also tell him he shouldn't hold women from a future because real love does have a future. A real man should respect that.


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  • He's holding you in a strange position, he doesn't want to commit, yet he doesn't want you to find someone else. It seems as though he may be holding to out to see if he can meet a girl more to his liking (no offense) and if he doesn't he always has you. I would say if he can't commit, leave him because you will find a guy that want you.


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  • You told him what you want, he won't give it to you, yet you stay. He will continue this way as long as you allow this to go on. He's getting everything he wants right now, he's got you with no commitment. You aren't getting what you need though, this man is not going to give it to you. It's up to you to move on. Allow yourself the opportunity to find someone more suited to you.

  • he's playing you and using you. you are an option but not a priority. that's not fair. he has to either commit or you have to respect yourself and leave.