Awkward Flirty Text confusion?

So texting this girl for a little while now. Haven't actually met up for drinks yet due both of our crazy schedules. I told her I had weds/thurs off and I wanted to meet up, and let me know when she was available. Nothing panned out and she texted how I was doing/how New Years was. So we talked/texted a bit again. I dropped a hint that I really like to dance and said that you can learn a lot about someone by the way they dance. She went on to say something like "If you're a bad country dancer "2 Stepper", I probably won't like you, but that's not directly aimed at you per se. Why would you ever text someone that when you're eventually going to hang out or get drinks?

I thought that was sort of weird, but then she sent a really cute picture of herself in a little black dress saying she had tons of fun. Then stated she was hitting the sheets, talk soon, and "We'll see about those drinks soon". I ended the convo, but she texted back good night with a bunch of moon icons.

Any girls give insight on this? is she awkward at text/talk over the phone, doesn't date much, picky?


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  • haha...she probably was just trying to make a joke.. but it just ended very awkward. I have done that before...but I think she definitely does like you. She sent you pics and said something about meeting for drinks. If she didn't want to have drinks, then wouldn't have mentioned anything about it at all. Hopefully y'all can find the perfect night to meet :)


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  • she was trying to make a joke...