How do I keep this girl interested via texting? How often?

I met this girl about 3 weeks ago. We are in college and because it was the end of the semester we did not get a chance to hang out before both going home (in separate cities) for winter break. I saw her for new years but we were both really drunk and she doesn't remember a lot of it. Now she is back home again for the rest of break (about 2 or 3 weeks longer) and I won't be able to see her in that time. I really like this girl and I know she's interested in me as well. I plan on asking her out when we are back at school however that is a few weeks away. How can I make sure to keep her interested via texting the next few weeks? How often should I text her? I have come to know a few things about her but I'm better getting to know people in person.


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  • Whatever you are doing is clearly working. I would see keep doing what you are doing lol. Try to have a conversation with her every other day and if she responds well maybe you can do it more often. The conversations don't have to be too long and if she likes you to then hopefully she will make an effort to contact you as well :)

  • Text her every couple days, depending on how great the conversation is. Some girls even like it when you text every day, but start out slow. Ask her lots of questions, find out how her break is, what she's been up to, talk about how you look forward to seeing her again and the new semester... be a little suggestive (not in an overtly sexual way), get her excited to see you again, give her something to look forward to. Play 20 questions or would you rather... stuff like that. Just don't let conversation get sexual, then you'll have a problem.


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