Dating a poet/writer and artist?

As a oil painter of the Dutch masters style and a writer and poet I'm curious. Does being any of those things make a difference to you ladies would you date a artist and writer/poet and why.


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  • being an author and poet myself and having dabbled in art a person who can challenge me intellectually would be ideal however i have yet to meet somebody like that as all the guys i know are immature and onlt want one thing

    • I like the same in a women it's nice to be able to talk about the arts with your parnter. And not hsve to explain to them what every little thing is. And I love sharing my writing and getting feedback on it.

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    • Thank you.

    • your welcome.


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  • Off the subject - given these professions why did you choose such a mundane profile image? Why not choose one that gives a feel for who you are?

    • Iv been busy working on a painting and getting ready to go to school to get certified in personal training. I've been real busy so I have not had the chance to finish my profile all the way yet.

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    • Ah, a still life artist.

    • Yup though I like doing landscapes as well but those are two the Dutch masters did were still lifes and landscapes.