Am I wrong for planning to leave this girl?

have you ever gave a girl what she was looking for if she repeatedly was forcing you to give that something to her? I'm calling it off because throughout this whole year of dating and living together she's been wanting me to do things I don't care for. for instance, everytime she post something on the internet, she wants me to like it or comment on it. she's getting to obsessed with me. she took pictures of me eating, sleeping, driving, and me playing with my nephews and nieces. she has also taken pictures of my nieces and nephews. I'm preparing to breakup with her but I have to be more careful because she seems crazy. what I decided to do was put a picture of us on my cover page on Facebook and let her upload photos on my isntagram page of herself. this has been the worst. I talked to her about these things over and over again and I'm tired. everytime she post something about me or I am out with friends " like my picture", "like my Facebook status", "put a picture of me up"...she even took pictures in my clothes and posted it online with a message. she asked me to like that picture to. since its a force to me, I decided to let her post on my page and I got an old picture of us on my Facebook page as a cover photo. I mean why not let her have her way? she's about to leave anyway. I'm letting her have her bossy ways until 2 weeks from now because my lease ends with her on there. am I wrong for doing this? she's not the type of girl that you wanna say "i wanna breakup with you". she is mentally sick. I didn't see all of this when I first met her. she has an average of over 600 photos of me doing everything. she take pictures in my shirt and post it online sending a love message to me. its desperation when you take pictures in my clothes and post it online. all she does is be around me. I regret leaving my ex for her.


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  • Wow she's beyond clingy, I think you are not wrong for planning to leave her.


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  • Before you leave her maybe you could have a conversation where you tell her your problem and tell her to give up social networking for a while - she sounds like an addict. Men are the leaders in relationships and if you are just doing whatever she tells you she has lost all respect for you. Command her to do this and tell her you will leave otherwise and don't put up with any whining or crying. Worst case she freaks out and dumps you and you're planning to do that anyway.