Getting a date on OK Cupid?

Anyone with experience with online dating? How long do you go back and forth texting before you agree to meet in person?

Specifically my question is:

How many days?


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  • I meet within a week or two. Need to meet quick to see if there is any chemistry. To continue talking to them, you are getting attached and then if you meet in person and there is no attraction, then it is all wasted time.


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  • Online dating can be fun and you really can make long lasting friendships and relationships on there to .. SURE GOT TO BE SAFE TO .. men and women both . lots of crazy people out there. I have online dated before here is what I suggest

    first talk online for about a week before even giving them your number and if you can web chat with them is great to so you can see who your really talking to .. waiting at least a week before you exchange numbers is good because your going to talk to a lot of people online and you don't want everyone having your number . by a week you should tell if this person is someone you might want to talk to more or not .

    then exchange numbers and talk to each other on the phone and still online and or via web chat I would give this at least a week or so to and get to know them better then by then you can see if you want to meet this person and if so then make plans to meet . so all in all I would talk to them for about two weeks before meeting but If you do want to meet them I wouldn't let a long amount of time go by before doing so because then your less likely to really meet them . . a good rule to go by also is that you start off by only talking to people within like 50 miles from you or even an hour away at the most . that way when you meet someone your not to far from them . so if you like them it won't have to be such a long dist thing.

    oh and by the way I met the love of my life online and dated for a few years and got married and been together for 14 years now ! so yeah it can work out

    • Wow. I wanna hear more about this. You just hit me upside the head about the reality of online dating. Has it really been around for 14+ years?! Was it different back then?

  • I would say when ever you feel the connection and push to meet.

  • Try

  • I go back and forth long enough to figure out if I might like the person or not.

    Meeting people in person is a lot of planning and ladies get all dressed up and stuff so I take my time before meeting them in person.

    Most people are not worth meeting in person.


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