How to get boyfriend interested in kissing?

I'm dating a guy that's younger than I am from church and I don't want to pressure him, but I do want to build his interest in making out. Not trying to out right seduce him because he does want to wait, I just want to introduce him to new things. I worry though because he says he's comfy with me but if we cuddle, he doesn't put an arm around me. If I go in for longer kisses, touch his face, I don't get a different reaction. I want to try open mouth kissing with him and he seems up to it in theory from fb chats, but.. I don't know how to read this one. He's always got a closed body stance with arms crossed and this is the first guy I've dated who wasn't the aggressor and flirty.

How can I feel him out better? Talk to him on phone or fb it's like.. <3s and flirts. Get him in a room alone and I feel like I'm dating the ice king. He hasn't really dated girls before, and I'm not quite sure what to do with him sometimes.

Any advice?


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  • he's probably shy, and afraid to make a move, he shows what he really wants online


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