Do you think he is over his ex girlfriend? Should I be done with this?

for the past year we been together I been having difficulties with his ex girlfriend. I live with him for a year and we been dating for a year. he claim to block her, he never do. he just add her to the reject list. he use to talk to her right in front of me but now he dont. he won't tell me anything about her. he said she was just a person he had a one night stand with in his backseat and she obsessed. he created a bunch of drama the other day for no reason at all, now I think he's lying about the whole thing. he called the girl friend pretending to be hard and acting like he really wanted his ex girlfriend to leave him alone. but just last year he refuse to post anything of me on his social media nor interact with me, now its like he don't care. what I been asking him to do all of a sudden a year later, he show me off on his social media. he said he was gonna press charges on the girl for harassing him. turns out today he never went up there to the police station. he told me he filed a police report against her but he never received the papers and he think they are playing with him and he need witnessess. he suppose to be seen saving the text messages. he also told me he was gonna email the messages she wrote to him and go press charges, the messages are gone. he never did go to press charges on her. his ex girlfriend knows more about my life than I do hers. she is getting the information from somebody. they argue through text messages but he answers the phone calls. I also found out he never blocked her phone number. somebody is lying. after a year of refusing to be social to me, he let me answer the phone, he basically let me do whatever I wanna do. he don't allow me to call her or anything. after a year of asking him to let people know I am not dating myself, he does it. his ex called tonight...he answered her right in front of me. what should I do? he said she is obsessed with his penis but I don't know what to believe anymore about this. she still love him but I don't know whether he still love her or not. we talked about this over and over again. he refuse to do something about it. he don't wanna press charges, he never filed a claim on her. he said he was tired of her and etc...idk anymore. the previous text messages he used to go file against her are gone. he said the police need witnesses that she is harassing him...he said the police forgot to file the report because he didn't get the papers. he also said last month they was suppose to arrest her. I called every department and there is no file.


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  • He's a liar and still wants her in his life. It makes no sense that he'd feel harassed by her but then proceed to still talk to her on the phone. It's not so difficult to block someone's numbers, remove them from your social media and to break off communication. If he was serious, he would have blocked her a long time ago. He appears to be hiding something as well, and this leads me to think that he is not over her yet. He should be focusing on you and your relationship, not this other girl. I'd take a break from this mess. This guy sounds like bad news...

  • I would dump this guy just as fast as you can! I see all the indications of a liar and cheater here