Should I be offended that he didn't properly kiss me?

Well we kissed purely on the lips for like 5 hours straight while lying beside each other on a sofa. He never once tried to used his tongue. He did press his lips against mine for prolonged periods of time in between softly kissing. Just made me wonder ... he was kinda turned on though although we were only lip kissing.

What do you make of this?


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  • Like people have said below maybe he had bad breath maybe he wasn't sure if you would like to french I would just talk with him about it and see what's going on simplest solution. He also could have been just being respectful.


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  • Uh huh. Whenever there's a chick that I'm not as interested in as someone else, I always stop short of frenching her because I'd rather french the other girl.


    • er we were that doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

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    • Right you are. It doesn't make sense. I had to parse your sentence like three times to understand what you meant. You assumed that I was talking about being around other people. In my mind I'd be kissing a girl privately but secretly thinking about being with someone else. As in not trying to engage in two timing behavior, not because of fear of being seen, but rather a sort of loyalty.

      Point is I was joking. The scenario is absurd. If a guy is kissing you, he's interested in you. In that way.

    • I didn't pick up on your joking ways. I don't even know. If he was so interested I guess I would be with him by now surely.

  • How I long to experience what you have experienced with your boyfriend *sigh*


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  • maybe he had bad breath and didn't want to kill you with that or he is just scared over your responds if he put his tongue in your mouth. If you really want to "make out" you should try brushing your tongue on his lips/mouth. he will understand it, hopefully. :)