I told him off... why is he still texting me?

I was seeing this guy for about 4 months. He contacted me almost everyday and told me that he liked me and wasn't seeing anyone else. I thought we were taking it slow and then I caught him out with another girl. I talked to him about it. First he tried to change topics then he said it wasn't him I saw. Then he tells me he's stuck on his ex who cheated on him and doesn't want to get involved with anyone. He said how he likes me and wants to keep seeing him. I told him no and have a nice life but he's still texting me like normal like nothing happened. What is up with this guy?


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  • He's just being persistent and sounds a bit clueless. Do you respond to his texts? If so, stop, hopefully ignoring him will get the hint across.


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  • He just doesn't know which girl to choose because both sandwiches ya make are just that good.


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  • He can't understand that you actually have the audacity to...shock horror...decide he's beneath you. He's tried three stories to get out of it keep ignoring him, any response will just encourage a fourth story