If a guy your dating admits he thinks about you everytime before he goes to sleep? Good or bad?

If a guy your dating admits he thinks about you everytime before he goes to sleep and says I'm amazing,do you reckon this is of a sexually nature or him being genuine? He doesn't seem sleezy whatsover since we've dated and we Haven't slept together. Do you think I should see this as someone that's serious or just what's a fling?


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  • I don't think you should question it at all.

    There is no doubt that it is a wonderful thing to say to someone.

    He's being very open and honest with you.

    I don't think you should think about it as a sexual nature because he didn't make

    any implication of that.


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  • I'm single so I don't know if the same structure of thought-process occurs, but if I think of someone before I go to sleep it means they have been on my mind, and I care for them. The amazing part, little bit harder to clarify. It could be of sexually nature, or it could be a shock of dating someone you never thought you'd have a chance with.


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  • That's cute you should see that as a good thing, uno before most people go to sleep they think of the person they love, how they messed something up, or something they probably forgot to do. You should be happy that he was comfortable with telling you that, it means he really likes you.

  • If he's just a "friend..I would tell him how I love him, and how awesome he is for telling me he cares. And if it was someone I had romantic feeling towards. I would feel special and I'll takr his words seriously. And hope its more than just a fling thing..but , its nice knowing someone thinks about you positively