I have been dating for some couple of months, online and meeting.

on weekends, as she lives in a different city. As a person she is a nice one, and I like her, looks is good, but a little bit fat. She is tall and everything. We have been exchanging sexy messages, and kissed in a chick. And she asks me why am I not moving on to kissing, and kuddling etc. I don't think that with that number of dates - 5 - face to face to move to kissing and sex. On the other hand I have another woman who lives in another part of the country, and chemistry is there, and I really like her, and I can kiss her without any resistance. Could it be just that chemistry isn't there, and I had batter move on?


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  • It sounds as though you are not that "into her", and the chemistry is not the same as with the other woman. Before things get too complicated and you don't want to lead her on any further, tell her you would just like to be friends, and move on, sweetie. She will be hurt, of course, but it is far better to be honest than to continue not feeling "the fireworks" you do "in another part of the country."

  • You're mot interested in her because she's a little overweight so just tell her you've met someone else and move on.


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