Potentially dating a guy/girl that has a child?

SCENARIO: Say a guy/gal meets a really cute girl/guy who also likes him/her an a mutual friends party. They hit it off great and enjoy themselves. They stay at the mutual friends house after a party and in the morning talk about various things. He/she mentions the have a child. She/he responds as if that's okay that they have a child and start to ask about the child.

Do you think that person is still interested in the other? Will the interest continue or will it fade in days?


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  • Depends on the person. I know a guy that is with a woman who had 3 kids before she met him. Why? I have no idea, seeing as that is something I would be far from interested in. Some people don't mind being with someone who has kids.

    ...other people are completely turned off by it because a) some people aren't kid people and b) it generally means there is some other woman/man that will always be in your life because the kids are theirs and most people do not like dealing with that if they don't have to.


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  • Depends on the person. I won't date anyone with kids but only cause I'm not having anyway anyway. So I would have said upfront no and why. Don't know what other girls would do

  • Depends on the person and the extra baggage their willing to accept.


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