Girl seems very interested and then suddenly doesn't respond?

So I had a couple classes with this girl over the past semester. I always had the feeling that she was interested in me and I recently got her number just before our winter break.

We've been texting for the past couple weeks and she always was very responsive. She would initiate conversations and always ask lots of questions. So it wasn't like I was constantly texting her and she would just send back one word answers.

Everyone will be back on campus within the next few days, so I asked her if she would want to grab a coffee next week. That was over four hours ago and still no response. And I know for a fact that she read the message because she has the read-receipt thing enabled on iMessage and it says she literally read it a minute after I sent the message.

There's no way this could have come as a total surprise to her. It's not like I asked her out of nowhere. Any suggestions on how to proceed? I've certainly seen girl's interest levels change, but never so drastically in such a short amount of time.


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  • Don't text her until she responds ... she's a girl she's probably got her knickers in a twist now for you.

    OR she's realising that you want her as more of a friend and she's retracting from you.

    This is why you never ask people out over text ... because you can't see how they react and it shows a bit of cowardice to a certain extent.

    See how she acts in public around you to be a better judge on if she likes you the same way or not.


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  • We'll if you know for a fact that she's seen the message, then she could easily be shocked regardless if it came out of nowhere or not. Or maybe it could just be as simple as she forgot or she was too busy to respond. Just give her some time. If she doesn't respond, then talk to her in person the next time you see her.

  • Maybe she's thinking about what to reply


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  • This happens a lot to me, "the waiting game" she won't reply because she wants you to send another message so she thinks you're sat waiting for a reply, then she will be like yesss he's in to me