What do I do I'm so confused agggg!!help guys.

We'd been friends since August he had a crappy girlfriend they kept breaking up and I was always his shoulder to cry on I know it. They broke up on Friday we had sex on Sunday we were texting it was sweet he started getting feelings for me by Tuesday his ex wanted him back he didn't know what to do. By Friday I told him to just choose her I was sick of talking about her and knowing and I was second rate to her. He asked her out again she said she didn't know we talked that night said it was over between them he said he didn't want to date for a while but if he did he'd choose me in a heart beat I told him I wouldn't because that's to much drama already in one week that I didn't want or need. Next week he told me I was right that she'd been talking to someone else. I told him I didn't feel bad because he chose what he didn't see and didn't listen to me. We didn't talk for like 3 weeks but last Sunday we had sex again he seamed different and a dick. My friend said her boy friend , her friend and her boyfriend were going on a date and wanted me to go with them with Adam (the guy I'm talking about) I told her she'd have to ask him I don't want him thinking it was a date. I had to finalize the plans. He said "this isn't a date and I'm kind of talking to someone" I told him he's just a friend. We drove up to dinner fighting basically I said I was tired of his attitude. We had dinner with everyone things got better we went to Dave and busters after and I told him I was done getting screwed over by guy he said when did I screw you over? I said effing Sierra you chose her over me then she threw you away like garbage. We got quite and when we got to DNB we actually had a good time. We were driving home and I was feeling out a bit because I have anxiety issues he was rubbing my back saying everything was okay. I told him to stop politely he said you know I'm not using you for sex. I told him it felt like it I said I m going to have feelings for him because what we've done and I do care about him. He said he likes me too and cares about me too. Again we had sex and he kept sayin I want to do this forever Idc if I hav a girlfriend. I told him no the next say I asked if he could ever see us together he said he didn't know and I told him it's messed up he'd rather cheat when he doesn't have a girl deism already when he could just be with me he said he knew and he's trying to figure his life out and he did care about me. We're still texting but should I just walk away or what? HELP!


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  • Let the guy go, he just using you for sex.

    The moment you slept with him, you threw away all the cards you had.

    Its not a mystery anymore, the fantasy is over and you weren't his official girlfriend at the time

    so he probably thinks of you as an easy lay.

    Just drop the guy and move on, even if he begins to suddenly change his mind and be your boyfriend.

    He will just use you as a piece of meat! And you know that you deserve better!


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  • Love stinks...yeah yeah. what a great song. you already had feelings for him WHILE he was in and ending him relationship. It was rebound sex. Here's what sucks...he should have had the good mind to NOT start anything with you just yet. you were a cheerleader and then he may have seen it as you were sabotaging it purposely.

    The point is...if it was meant to be... good...but don't wait for an apology. head up...look out for no one but no. 1. You.

  • First, paragraphs make stuff a lot easier to read.

    Second, don't expect more than rebound sex from a dude that just broke up.

    Lastly, don't freak out if it doesn't work. Just back off and friendzone him.

  • You got some drama in your life. I bet you only want him for sex, as of what I read above he wants you only for that, or just to make her jealous.


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  • You brought yourself into this mess and you can take yourself right back out of it. He sounds too immature to be having sex. And you sound like you have been giving yourself up to him way too easily. This is way more drama than it's worth, I think you guys need to step back from each other for now. Let him figure out what he wants instead of continuing to sleep with him and ending up disappointed.