If you see a guy and a girl spending time together.

...do you always assume they're dating? If they're not holding halnds or anything...

Someohow people always tease me when they see me alone with a male friend. I feel like it's kinda immature to assume that since we're spending time together, we must be dating. I can hang out with a male friend without anything having to happen...

But it could just be me who thinks like this. Which is why I ask this question.


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  • I have a very close female friend which nothing has ever happened. We work together. and spend a lot of time together. Coworkers and friends always assume that there is more to it. It has never bothered me but it does her. I just think most people don't have close friends of the other sex without expecting more. So they just assume something is going on.


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  • Not at all. Sometimes I do have suspicions based on nothing more than intuition, but other than that just assume they're friends. It really depends on the (sub)culture how common friendships between guys and girls are though.

  • I always assume that the guy trying to get with the girl.

    • why? And what if the girl isn't exactly pretty?

  • Never I mind my own business and anytime anyone assumes anything that would be gossiping and I hate gossip so I choose not to care in the first place.

    I wish others would just live their own lives.


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