Worst woman on Earth (supposedly) dating site experiment?

What do you think of this gag where someone used a fake profile of supposedly the 'worst woman on earth'?


Men weren't discouraged from messaging her. Does this change your opinion of men/women, or was it something you already knew?

Why would any woman believe acting stupid would be considered too obnoxious to men? Obnoxious would be if she said she was a chaste christian, and then she would have gotten no replies. The men that messaged her are the same kind that spam their wangs on chatroulette. None of them were a prize nor a surprise, and all they wanted from her was sex.


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  • I'm not THAT surprised: kicking the money out of homeless people's hands should be beyond the comprehension of anybody but many people are racist behind closed doors and even though it's wrong, it's tolerated by people in their isolated circles. I have seen this numerous times: my house is an example of this - my mother treats both me and my dad like scum and my dad tolerates her because she is pretty (or at least he thinks she is) and I saw a girl on the bus swearing at her boyfriend about 30 times in 5 minutes and he wore a wedding ring on his hand and paid for her food, her bowling, her everything simply because she was pretty.

    • But I wonder how many men thought she was joking. The profile was too stupid to take seriously.


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  • She's hot. That's all that guys care about. The end.

  • I don't think I'm ever going to accept that all men are so superficial and narrow minded that they'd still get with a girl like this. So yes, all the messages to her are a surprise. It also makes me feel even stronger about the idea that men shouldn't get so upset at women for going for the "jerks" or the "losers." Men are all clearly doing the same thing if a girl looks hot enough. Maybe even to a larger extent than girls would.

    • I can assure you that a lot of men ignored her profile. Also, of the guys that messaged her positively, 100% wanted sex and her silly profile was welcoming of that, and I bet many thought she was kidding anyway.

    • I don't think many guys read her profile but yeah I wouldn't have considered messaging her.

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  • looks trump other attributes for guys.