Ladies ..which photo should I use for online dating?

Here is some of the photos I think I could use ... How do you like them? what do you not like ? which one appeals to you and which one should I use ? Press on the magnifying glass if the pic is not clear.


I am 37 and recently single.. Could you guess My character from my photos? That would be interesting. Would you date me if I approached you ?


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  • Which pictures to post? the ones I likes the most are the ones with those titles

    1- ME is an awesome profile pic for the dating site.

    2-Relax the one with palm tree

    3-around sunset

    4-bike ride.

    Would I date you? yes I'm 31 years old.

    why? well based on looks, you sound like a guy with Charisma and character and the body type I prefer; and you have good looks.

    • I really appreciate your insight on this. You answered all my questions and helped me much. Thank you my lady.

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    • Thank you for all your help my friend :)

    • you're welcome ;)


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  • The one where you wear a jacket and sporting a smile - I like that photo, I like it when guys smile in their photos. You look friendly, open, warm.

    The one with the bike - shows that you enjoy doing outdoor activities, not a guy who spends 20 hours a day in his basement.

    The tae kwon do - do I even need an explanation for this? If a woman doesn't like a guy who does martial arts, well I just can't understand it.

    • You are actually spot on about my character ! damn.. women know how to read faces haha ... I am very laid back and chill. As for the one with the jacket.. it was Christmass eve cocktail party at a beach resort .. and I had great company ..

      I am really amazed about the Karate pic.. frankly I never thought it would be something to interest women about a guy ? what exactly makes it martial arts appealing ?

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    • Men tend to not want to project friendliness. Smiling is a great way to show friendliness and warmth. Many men believe that on a subconscious level, it is better to be feared than to be liked. So they like to give a serious , mysterious badass look. There are some studies about this .


    • Really? Interesting...

      But I don's agree with that article. That first guy looks better when he's smiling. His neutral face looks like a creep.

      And that blonde girl in the upper middle, her smile is also not that nice.

      Guess it depends on the person. A guy who exudes a "bad boy" aura, would look good when brooding. All other guys, not necessarily the same.

  • the one in the suit or where you're standing beside a tree.

  • heres what not to put

    pics with pets or children

    or you with other women.

    the worst is the all male group its like I wonder which one is him.

    the ones showing your personality, hobbies and travels are good.

    all are good though

  • I would suggest that you don't post pictures with other women or men in the pic with you. As well as no children, weekend activities. But I like the one with you and the bike a lot.

  • TAE KWON DO is all the bomb!

  • I like the pic where you're standing by the pillar and the bike pic.

    • you mean the palm tree ;) .. thanks :)

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    • In my defense, I didn't click to make it bigger until now! :) Also, I might need glasses :P Good luck with online dating!

    • thank you :)

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  • I know you said ladies, but...

    It depends on the part of your personality you want to project. Silly face projects one thing, business casual one projects another, martial arts another, biking another, etc.

    I would not use the dancing one simply because they might for some reason look at that as you with an ex, which is something they wouldn't want to see on a dating profile. Probably one of the outdoors ones would be best because they show you're not going to be inside all day and show your whole body which is I'm sure what they'll want to see before meeting.

    • thanks man .. I appreciate you comment!