What should I do about this girl situation?

So I've been single for a while and one of my best friends decide she was going to hook me up with a girl so I said fuck it. Well she asked me for a picture of myself so she could show the girl whom she was setting me up with so I sent her one and the girl said I was hot and agreed to go on a date with me, I had no idea what she looked like but I'm dumb sometimes so I agreed to take her to the movie. So I went to the movies to meet her and.. ... She wasn't all that pretty. She's not ugly but not the hottest girl I've ever dated so we went in I payed for everything at the end of the night she kissed me. I'm not sure what to do because I like her as a person she's funny smart can hold up a conversation but on the other hand she's really not the best looking girl on a scale of 1-10 she's a solid 6. What should I do about her? Date her or just be friends?


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  • Hmm, keep in mind that when you spend time around a girl, looks aren't as important.

    That is, when you've spent time around a woman, and gotten to know her and like her, you won't notice looks as much. I've had classes with girls that were OK, I wouldn't approach them out of a crowd to try to strike up conversation--but when I got to know them, I liked them enough that somehow they were a bit cuter.

    Anyway, my two cents. And also, if she's both funny *and* sharp, not a lot of girls have that. Hell, after she grows to like you, you might be able to give her some style advice to improve her looks.


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  • be honest with her. don't date her if you're not attracted to her. be friends with her though, I mean, if she's a cool chick, by all means, be her friend. for all you know she might not be/seem hot to you now, but once you get to know her she might change in your eyes. Perception is tricky like that. but until then, please for the love of god, do not continue to date her. Ask her to hang out with other people around. tell her that you don't feel a spark at all. but that she is an amazing girl you most definitely want to get to know better.

    and if she doesn't appreciate your honesty and compliments, then she's not even worth being your friend, either.

  • Looks aren't everything but you need to be attracted to someone. It's obvious you're not feeling that. Better to end it sooner than later.


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  • This is a slippery slope my friend. If you don't find her attractive DO NOT DATE HER. Go after what you want. Whatever you do, do not tell her that she is not pretty enough, or hot enough for you. You don't want to hurt her feelings cause she obviously likes you. Just tell her that you do not feel any sexual chemistry between you two. Be honest..but not brutally honest lol.

    And, next time you get set up on a date, get her picture also! Easier to back out then before any harm is done.