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Me and the boyfriend split up last week, there was only a little argument but neither of us were nasty, I asked him one final time today if we could give it a go he said no, so I simply text him a nice farewell messaging that I'd delete his number and not bother him but I wished him hurts that he didn't even respond with a message either, I've known him years only dated three months but why are guys so ignor why can't he just bye back


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  • I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. As others have stated, it probably wouldn't change much. But I fully agree that he should have at least said bye to you, just to make you feel better and end on good terms. Every guy is different, I hate when girls compare us all as one being. I care enough about people that unless they threaten or hurt me or anyone I love, they have a clean slate and deserve to be treated with care.

    My answers are so d*** long, but I like to spill it all out. I hope things work out for you!



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  • Every guy is different. Plenty of guys out there would have responded, I would have. This one was just a dick.

  • Would it change anything even if he did? The result is still the same, you deleting his number and you two not talking anymore.

    • It would have just been nice for him to text back. Now I just get the impression he hates me...encase we live so close I could easily bump into him so he's just made it all feel . awkward

    • Not bothering him means not bothering him, he doesn't want to talk to you. That already should have given you the impression he's not your biggest fan.

  • To the question I'm personally a very mechanical mind, all numbers. I see life as 1/7,000,000,000 rather than every life is priceless. For the rest of this you never said how long you waited for him to say goodbye.


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  • That's just the way it goes sometimes. Time to let it go and move on.