He's ignoring me, why? What do I do?

We've been seeing each other for about a year now (we have both physical and emotion connection), no official label has been put on us but everyone knows about us. We hang out a lot and he says he loves my company and is comfortable talking to me all day long. He said he cares about me and loves me, but now he's been ignoring me. For five whole weeks. Last time we saw each other everything was fine. Then I texted him the next day and he didn't reply, didn't bother texting him till the next week and he didn't reply, texted him on new years and he didn't reply. I know his phone is working because I called from an unknown number and he actually answered and texted the number wondering who it was, but I ignored it. That's when I texted him from my phone on new years and he didn't reply. Just those three times.

The only thing he's actually done in this period of ignoring me is like my status on fb and message me through that wishing me happy birthday and I said thanks which I don't see what for since he talks about how he hates fb and doesn't go on. I don't know what happened that he's decided to give me the cold shoulder, I haven't tried talking to him after those three times but I don't know if I should make one final confrontation or keep my mind busy as time passes until he starts talking again and decide what to do from there.


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  • sweety this is the faze out... I'm sorry, he just prob thought he was leading you on. I mean you obvi want more and want a relationship but he doesn't feel the same with you and after this long his attention is wondering and he knows it's cruel to keep going. He also cares about you as a person so he gives you general likes and stuff on FB because he doesn't want to hurt you.. It's why he is avoiding you. It's time you open your mind up to someone else


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  • I can't understand how can you possibly like a guy that is ignoring you, really. Freaking, I have problems with GIRLS ignoring Me for no reason, and now you come to say that you a girl, are attracted to a wierdo that does not even care about you? How so? Do you realize there might be other guys caring about you and you don't even notice them? My suggestion, forget the fucker and see what other man around you likes you!

    • Dude relax, I think you're a little hyped over this question. I'm asking for advice, I'm not sobbing over him, but I do like him. He wasn't like this when we first met, I think that's the part you aren't understanding. Thank you for your suggestion though.

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  • Don't fret over him, he's not fretting over you, hun.. obvi... Seems like he wants you to go after him and play his "game". . Silly really.

    • I agree with bettyboopdog