What should I wear to a hockey game date?

This guy I've been talking to on an online dating site asked me to a hockey game. I haven't told him yes yet but was just wondering what should I wear? Team tshirt? Nice dress shirt? Dark jeans? Dress jeans? Gah to be honest this is my first date!


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  • tight fitting jeans since you will be standing up to cheer!


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  • First I would worry about telling him yes before you make any choices on what to wear.

    But after that's sorted there isn't really a dress code for Hockey games, but you're probably wondering what you should wear to flatter your date - and that depends on who you are.

    If I was your date I would like to see you wear something casual, not too revealing, but something like a nice shirt and tight fitting jeans like the other answer mentioned. But that's just me :)

  • Hockey arenas are cold my recommendation is to wear something so you stay warm


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