Am I kidding myself in online (mostly) relationship (it's also LD)?

Started an online relationship with a guy, going well, he tells me he is changing his email address to different server, when I try to reply to his last email, it bounces. He is going through a personal unexpected family trama at this time, should I be patient and wait or am I just kidding myself?


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  • A long, distance online-only relationship? What do you think? I think you can do better.

    • Thanks, yeah, I think you are right.

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  • He did tell you in advance that he was changing his e-mail, so there's bound to be errors. You should be patient and wait if you feel he's worth it.

  • I been in a long-distance relationship... She was on the other side of the planet... She was going to come here for school and live with me... She cheated on me in the end because someone bought endless amounts of gifts for her... It broke my heart...

    But you know, I would have never experienced that love, that dedication, or the heartbreak without taking a chance. All I can tell you is to take a chance. Do your best with him; and to protect your heart from heartbreak if anything goes wrong. Maybe your love will flourish and be stronger than what I had... (:


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