Why do girls never text me first? ( Only guys answer )

Like I seem to be having a convo they'll come up with something and say I'll ttyl or I have to go to bed cya tmr . And them they never get back to me tmr or the day after or the other day after , I'll stop texting them for like months and they never text first . Am I that ugly or in attractive ? If that is the case then why the fuck do they call me got ? And when I start talkin the take like decades to respond or never even get back . F*CK you GIRLS!


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  • I have had this happen to me A LOT too. So you are NOT alone in this...

    My guess is that the girl is not as interested... I find girls that are interested DO get back to me. Or if I don't text, then at some point they will reach out.

    I would say that you just need to find more/better girls. These girls were not interested or got bored. THink of it as a good thing though.. it means they didn't like you for who you are.. and that there are BETTER girls out there, that will like you the way you are.

    There is a reason it is called dating... because you go out to find a person that likes you mutually for who you/she is...


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  • Well I'm a girl so I hope you don't mind me answering. Maybe they think you are boring that sometimes happens, you aren't might not be interesting enough to hold a conversation with . Do you listen to what they have to say you can't just txt someone and it all be about you . And you txt them first girls like to be texted first shows that you are thinking about them. If they cut you off in the middle of a convo then she might just be a jerk. Does this happen with all girls or on girl in specific?

    • Sure you can answer I guess, I would say most of them .

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  • girls can sense who is more interested, them or you.the key is making them think you aren't interested then they chase