What's ''too much dating"? When do you stop caring to date?

I've been single for 5 months. My previous relationship lasted close to 2 years. Since, I've been on dates with 2 guys, I've chatted with a bunch of guys via online dating, I've been in an exclusive relationship with a guy for a month and overall I've been open to meeting new guys on a daily basis.

Dating has been a draining experience for me. Having a ''new guy" to keep in touch with every week and going on a few dates seems, to my very single friends, like too much action. I've been told I date left and right because I've dated 2 guys in the past semester.

I think that I should seize my opportunities to meet new people while I'm at university because I won't encounter many people my age at all once I graduate (it's a fact. I'll be a rookie engineer. I know how the routine goes once I'll start working full time). Right now I don't feel like trying anymore because I haven't found what I'm looking for despite being very receptive and proactive in the dating world for the past months. Still, I feel judged by my friends that are single and don't date. They claim that they're comfortable being single but the truth is that they're way pickier than me and simply don't put themselves out there, contrarily to me. To them, I'm more desperate than them for a relationship and it's weird that I know black and white whether a guy I'm dating is in or out for me. To me, they're not trying anything, so they're the onessulking away in their celibacy. What's your output? I'm so sick of the weird feeling I get around these single people when I talk about my dating life. They're impressed that I date so much, they're curious and nosey about my gossip but at the same time, they judge my dating life as abnormal!


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  • Date however many people you feel like dating. Its not the business of anyone but you and possibly anyone you become more serious with in the future.

    The most obvious solution to your problem, assuming you want to keep dating guys, is to just stop discussing your dating life with these people or stop caring for their opinions on it. Whether you think they are acting this way because they truly think you date too many people or because they are jealous is irrelevant, either way can only alter your own behaviour, not theirs.


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  • i assume you mean I am having sex with a wide array of men by "dating", in which case, yea, its kinda shady and your friends seem more like relationship material tbh

    • I do not have sex with a wide array of men. AT ALL. The furthest I'd go with someone I'm seeing is making out. Clothes ON.

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  • You don't tell yourself I stop caring to date, because when you do it means you still do but your just tired of things not turning out the way you want it to turn out, or its failing. One day you'll get fed up and friend zone everyone.

  • You probably hang out with religious ppl? Why don't you try to be their friend first before you get romantic with them?

    • Nah none of them is religious. It's not that I get romantic with new people right away. Usually I hit it off with someone and somehow we end up texting each other regularly. Most times, it dies down after a while. Sometimes, it leads to a date. With of the the 2 guys, I went on other dates after the first one because we got along really well. The other, I just recently met on a blind date after chatting for a few days. It's not romantic right away, to me a date is just getting to know someone.